COVID-19 Information: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans

The Small Business Association will begin taking new PPP Applications on Tuesday, January 19. Click here to learn more.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response


December 31, 2020: The federal government has begun the process of releasing the second round of stimulus payments as part of the COVID-related Tax Relief Act of 2020.

 If you're eligible to receive a payment, you may receive funds in one of these ways: 

  • Automatic Deposit: If you selected direct deposit on your tax return, you would receive the funds electronically into the account designated on your return. You can expect to receive your funds on January 4.
  • Paper Check: If you requested a treasury check for your last tax refund, the IRS would mail a check to the address on your previous return. The government began mailing checks on December 30 with January 6 listed as the date. Checks deposited prior to January 6 will be honored.

If you expect to receive a stimulus payment, please remember that All In Credit Union does not control the selection of individuals who receive funds. To see if you are eligible for a stimulus payment, please visit the U.S. Government’s web page

May 29, 2020: All branch lobbies, with the exception of our Mobile Bates location, are open. As a reminder, the number of members in the lobby will be limited. You'll also find that our Drive-Thru lanes are still full service and you can complete most transactions 24/7 using Online Banking through any mobile device. 

May 11, 2020: All In will open lobbies at many locations beginning today. For your convenience, we will continue to maintain our normal hours of operation from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and until 6:00 p.m. on Friday in the Drive-Thru.

Drive-Thru Locations: AirportDowntowner, Brookley in Mobile; Santa Rosa Beach, Marianna in Florida

Closed Locations: Honeysuckle in Dothan; Dauphin and Bates in Mobile

April 14, 2020: STIMULUS CHECKS. As one of the benefits of All In membership, All In Credit Union has begun depositing government stimulus checks dated for April 15 today, giving you access to your funds a day earlyYou will receive your stimulus payment in the same manner that you elected on your 2019 tax return or your 2018 tax return, if you have not yet filed. If you elected for direct deposit on your tax return, you will receive the funds electronically into the account designated on your return. If you requested a treasury check for your last tax refund, the IRS will mail a check to the address on your last tax return. If you are expecting to receive a stimulus payment, please remember that All In Credit Union does not control the selection of the individuals who receive funds. To see if you are eligible for a stimulus payment, please visit the U.S. Government's web page at We are working diligently to process stimulus payments and verify account information as we receive them from the U.S. Government.

April 8, 2020: If you are setting up a new Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic transaction for Unemployment Benefits or any other Federal Assistance, please use the ABA Routing Transit Number, 262183749, to identify All In Credit Union. Indicate the Account Number (i.e. Checking or Savings) you would like the funds to be transferred to or from. (NOTE: This number is NOT your Member Number). To locate this information in Online/Mobile Banking, click here for instructions

April 6, 2020: CANCELED or POSTPONED EVENTS. The 2020 All In Credit Union Car Sale, scheduled to take place on April 23, has been postponed until further notice. The 2020 All In Credit Union Army Emergency Relief Golf Tournament, scheduled to take place on May 1 at Fort Rucker's Silver Wings Golf Course, has been canceled. We will communicate further information regarding these events as information becomes available. The safety and well being of our employees and attendees is our highest priority. Stay tuned.

April 2, 2020: SCAM ALERT. Be aware of fraudulent stimulus check scams. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, multiple state attorneys general and other agencies to warn Americans not to fall for phone calls, texts, emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information in order to receive the $1,200 federal payment. If someone claims to be from the government with a check for you, it may be a phishing scam that is illegally trying to obtain your bank account or other personal information. Do not pay anyone who promises that they can expedite or obtain a payment or a loan for you. If you are eligible for relief, you will not need to make any up-front payment or pay any fee to receive a stimulus payment. People are reporting these fake messages are claiming to be able to deposit $1,000 or more directly into your bank account and will likely ask for your banking information. Do not, under any circumstance, give away your personal information via text, e-mail, or phone. If you see this scam make sure you report it to your State Attorney General’s Office. All In Credit Union is committed to remaining operational and focused on serving our members and communities throughout this crisis.

March 31, 2020: SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS. We realize that many students may not have had the opportunity to retrieve the transcripts needed to complete their scholarship application due to recent school closures. For this reason, we will be extending the 2020 scholarship application deadline to Monday, June 1. The scholarship application and more information can be found on our website at If you have any questions, please contact

March 20, 2020: BRANCH UPDATES. Social distancing is vital to slowing the spread of COVID-19. To do our part in protecting the communities we serve, we will temporarily suspend access to our branch lobbies at all locations beginning Monday, March 23. Dauphin Street & Ozark South Branches will be closed until further notice. Our drive-thru locations will remain open during regular business hours and access to our ATMs will be available 24/7.

As a reminder, All In Credit Union has $1.5 billion in assets and is financially sound. Your money is safer in the credit Union than anywhere else, so we encourage you to keep your funds where they are federally insured.

Please be alert to potential scams to ensure you are not a victim of fraud.  If you receive a call, email or text in regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19) from a governmental official keep in mind:

  • The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to receive any potential government funds. No fees. No charges. Not a thing.
  • The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.
  • Anyone who tells you they help you get money from the government is a scammer.

If you spot one of these scams submit a complaint to the FTC. The agency also maintains a page with up-to-date information on the latest COVID-19 related scams.

We're Here For You

From sports to travel, the last few days have been filled with cancellations and a growing feeling of uncertainty as the entire nation deals with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). At All In Credit Union, the health, safety and well-being of our members, employees and communities is our highest priority. We understand the concern over COVID-19 and are closely monitoring the situation as we learn more about this virus. At this time, our branches remain open and ready to serve your financial needs. Effective Monday, March 23rd, we will temporarily suspend access to our branch lobbies at all locations. Our drive-thru locations will remain open during regular business hours and access to our ATMs will be available 24/7. We will communicate any changes to our hours or branch services through signs posted at our branches, on our website (, through email, and our social media outlets. We remain dedicated to providing convenient and secure access to your money and to serve as your trusted financial advisor in the midst of this crisis. 

We have added precautionary measures to protect our members and employees during this time including frequent sanitization of our teller counters, signature pads, ATMs and drive-thru tubes throughout the day. 

For your safety and the safety of our staff, we ask that if you are sick or if you’ve come in contact with someone with the COVID-19 virus, please refrain from visiting our branches or drive-thru windows until you are fully cleared by medical professionals.

Remote Banking with All In

To make things easier for you, we want to remind you of the convenient digital banking services we offer that give you 24/7 access to manage your account and financial needs remotely. If you are not currently enrolled in the following services, we encourage you to sign up now. 

  • Call our Contact Center at 334.598.4411, 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday
  • Access your account 24/7 through Phone Banking at 334.598.4411, option 1
  • Manage your account and make transfers 24/7 with ease through Online Banking & Mobile Banking
  • Deposit checks remotely through Mobile Deposit
  • Go cashless through the use of debit and credit cards
  • Enroll in PopMoney to send, request and receive money
  • Access ATMs 
  • Pay bills through our online Bill Pay feature
  • Online Loan Applications
  • Online Membership Applications
  • Online Mortgage Applications
  • Register for E-Statements 
  • Register for Debit Card & Credit Card Alerts
  • Sign up for Deposit, Withdrawal, Low Balance & Balance Alerts
  • Re-Order Checks 
  • Monitor Your Credit Score

Through Online, Mobile and Phone Banking you can check your balance, make transfers, make loan payments, and view or hear account history. If you need assistance enrolling in any of these services or if you have any questions, please call 334.598.4411. 

Help is Available

Since 1966, we have been dedicated to serving our members, and although times have changed, our commitment to helping our members has not. We realize that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the All In community, and we understand that our members may experience financial hardship as a result of this health crisis. If you are experiencing any financial strain due to these unprecedented times, please call us at 334.598.4411, so that we can discuss your unique situation and what we can do to help.

If you would like to speak with a member of Team All In about your situation, please email us your name and phone number at, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Please do not provide account numbers or Social Security numbers in your email.

Loan Assistance

We have implemented relief measures to help our members experiencing a loss of income during this challenging time. Your safety and well-being are our top priority. That includes your financial well-being. We are prepared to work with you on any All In Loan payments. The following special services/programs are available to members impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19):

✔  Loan Extensions

✔  Emergency Personal Unsecured Loan (proof of hardship is required)

✔  Waived Online & Phone Snap Payment Fees ($10 fee waived)

During Uncertain Times You Can Have Confidence In Your Credit Union

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, we are monitoring the situation. These are unprecedented times. Rest assured that All In Credit Union is prepared and positioned extremely well for the long-term impacts of this pandemic. As a reminder, All In Credit Union has $1.5 billion in assets and is financially sound. Your money is safer in the credit Union than anywhere else, so we encourage you to keep your funds where they are federally insured. We have detailed plans to ensure essential operations and help minimize service disruptions.

The funds in your account are safe. All In Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which operates the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) and is backed by the U.S. Treasury. Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Your Direct Deposit will continue to be posted to your account in the interval you have arranged with your employer. If you find that you have not received your direct deposit, please contact your employer to ensure that it was sent.

Protect Yourself From Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued an alert that scammers are taking advantage of consumers' fear surrounding the Coronavirus. Please be cautious of emails, texts and posts that offer claims of vaccines, products or medical supplies in exchange for your information, money or credit card information. Beware of phishing, vishing and smishing scams.

What is Phishing? Involves sending fraudulent emails and messages that appear to be sent from a reliable source. They usually contain malicious links or download attachments. The consequences can range from installing a fraudulent software to having login credentials or account information stolen. This may also occur in fake social media fan pages that post fraudulent content and request confidential information from users.

What is Vishing? A type of voice phishing attack that is conducted by phone. Calls tend to be from a fake caller ID and appear to be calling from a local area code or even from an organization you know. Calls tend to be conducted using automated voices, however, calls can be conducted by individuals posing as professionals.  A voicemail is often left prompting individuals to return the call.

What is Smishing? A type of phishing attack conducted using SMS/texts on cell phones. Like email phishing scams, smishing messages typically include a threat or enticement to click a link or call a number and hand over sensitive information. Sometimes they might suggest you install some security software, which is most malware.

Tips for our Members

  • Use only reputable sources when searching for information about the Coronavirus.
  • BE CAUTIOUS of phishing emails and never click unknown attachments or links. 
  • BE CAUTIOUS of emails and phone calls offering unexpected information and asking for personal information. Legitimate organizations do not ask for sensitive information via email.
  • DO NOT reply to cell phone text messages requesting personal or financial information. Legitimate organizations do not ask for sensitive information via text message. 
  • Review financial account statements regularly to determine whether there are unauthorized charges. If you find charges that have been posted to your debit or credit card without your consent, please call 888.918.7739.

If you are concerned about your account, contact us immediately at 334.598.4411.

Register for Card Alerts

You choose which types of account alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them. Whether by text message or email, Member Alerts help protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information.

A Message from our President/CEO

March 16, 2020

Dear Members,

As our nation continues to be impacted by the global spread of COVID-19, All In Credit Union plans to maintain operations to serve your financial needs. During this rapidly evolving situation, our main priority is the health, safety and well-being of our members and employees. While the number of reported cases continues to grow, our branches, operational support teams and remote channels remain open to serve you. As a reminder, our suite of online services makes banking remotely possible regardless of future changes.

  • Online Banking and All In Credit Union Mobile App are available to check balances, make payments, transfer funds and deposit checks. If you haven't registered yet, we encourage you to create your account today.
  • You can also take advantage of our extensive Shared Branch and ATM network, including 6,000 Shared Branches nationwide. We encourage you to note the locations most convenient to you.
  • We also have contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay that allow you to pay using your device instead of a card.
  • Mobile Deposits and ACH Funding will be posted to your account as usual.

Rest assured that we have taken the necessary steps to serve you safely and securely. In addition to meeting your in-branch, online and mobile banking needs, All In Credit Union has prepared to help you with minimal interruption in service. In response, we've enhanced cleaning at our locations and added hand sanitizers to help keep members and the public in good health. If you are experiencing any signs of illness, please use our drive-thru or online services to avoid contact with others. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and evaluate additional measures to support our members and community as needs arise. Please continue to check your emails from us and visit for regular updates and to submit your questions online. For additional information about COVID-19, you can find the latest report from the CDC or your local health department website. We appreciate the trust you have placed in All In Credit Union for your financial needs. Please know we are thinking of you and your families and will support you through these challenging times. If you have any questions, you can call our Contact Center at 334.598.4411 or email


Bobby Michael
All In Credit Union

Tips to Minimize Risk

As a reminder, please take the following precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including, but not limited to:

  • If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your health care provider. If you do not have a health care provider, call the nearest hospital.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. If not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or upper sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • If you are sick, stay home, and avoid contact with others.
  • Replace handshakes with elbow bumps.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others when in a public setting (social distancing).
  • Avoid social gathering in groups of 10 or more people.

Coronavirus Resources

For more information and resources, visit:

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