Name Change Guide

We've put together a list of potential questions you may have regarding our new name. We've tried to answer them as thoroughly as possible. If we haven't answered all of your questions or you still have concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Why is Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union changing its name?

It’s important to remember that our commitment to our mission and our continued service to the soldiers of Fort Rucker will remain constant regardless of the credit union’s name.  We hear from people every day that our current name causes potential members to believe they cannot join. Because of this impediment to growth, we have been reviewing the possibility of a name change. The upcoming merger with Wiregrass FCU, which will be finalized in May, made this the right time to move forward with a new name

Is the credit union in financial trouble? Have you been sold or merged?

No!  The merger of AACFCU and Wiregrass FCU, and the subsequent name change, is the result of two strong credit unions joining together and bringing more value and more locations to all of our members.  With healthy incomes and deep reserves, both organizations bring the very best to the combined credit union that will have a new name.

Changing our name is not the result of a buyout or a merger.  Our members are our only owners.  The decision to change our name is to promote our growth and continue to offer members the best in products, services, rates and fees.

Is my money still safe here?

Absolutely! Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union is financially strong and safe.  We are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000 per share account. We are ranked among the best credit unions in the country as evidenced by the consistent awarding of a Five-Star Rating from Bauer Financial, Inc., the nation’s leading independent rating and research firm for financial institutions.

Who determined the need for a name change?

We hear from people every day that our current name causes potential members to believe they cannot join. Because of this hindrance to growth, we have been reviewing the possibility of a name change. The upcoming merger with Wiregrass FCU made this the right time to move forward.

The Board of Directors and management made the final decision after extensive research, careful review and discussion. The decision was part of a three-year process that included focus group testing and the approval of members of the military and the general public. 

One of the considerations for the name change is the growing number of branches outside the credit union’s original territory, including five branches in Mobile and a total of four branches in Florida following the merger with Wiregrass FCU.

 What is the new name?

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union and Wiregrass Federal Credit Union will both become All In Credit Union following the completion of the merger in May.

Why did you choose the name All In? What does it mean?

When considering a name change, it was important to maintain a strong patriotic dimension as an acknowledgment of our deep ties with the military personnel at Ft. Rucker. In addition to the colors of the flag, the logo also contains a small banner with our nation’s colors unfurling across the bottom of the name. We chose the name “All In” from an extensive list of names that were focus-group tested and met the approval of members of the military and the public at large. For soldiers, “All In” is the level of commitment made to serve this country. For AACFCU, it’s the tribute to such sacrifice that we want to remember as we advance our cause of providing affordable financial services to all--regardless of rank or station in life.

When will the name change go into effect?

The new name will officially go into effect Wednesday, May 8, 2019. We will be replacing signs at our branches and corporate office as well as updating all of our phone and online systems. This includes telephone banking, online banking and mobile banking. You will continue to see us update our name to All In Credit Union as you reorder checks and receive new credit and debit cards.

If I'm part of an employee group or the military, will I lose my benefits that came with being an "Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union" member?

Nothing has changed for you in the way of service or benefits. We are proud of our history and relationship with our employee groups, particularly Army Aviation Center. We will continue to support our current members while broadening our membership and expanding financial services for everyone. Although our name will change, our commitment to providing our employee group members the best financial products and benefits will remain the same.

 What will happen to my account (checks, credit card, etc.) as a result of the name change?

Your account number and information will stay the same. There is nothing you need to do as a result of the name change. Please continue to use your current Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union checks, debit card, loan payment coupons and MasterCard credit card. All credit and debit cards will be reissued prior to the expiration date. All In Credit Union will appear on any future checks, cards, etc. that you order or receive automatically.

What will happen to the website, and Online Banking?

The name and address of our website will automatically change to reflect our new name. Our new web address will be We will continue to redirect you to the new site if you enter our old web address,, or have it marked as one of your "Favorites." However, please update or save the new site as a "Favorite" once you learn the new site address.

Once the new website is launched, you will have access to all the online tools you did prior to the name change. Only the name on our site will change.  We’ve also taken great care to keep website modifications to a minimum so that using our website and tools is familiar and easy to navigate.  You will still enjoy convenient access to your account(s) from your computer, tablet and phone.

 What will happen to Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app?

We will have an app featuring our new name and look. The app itself will not be new.  The look of the app will be an update of our current app. If you have the Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union app on your phone or tablet, you will notice an update for it after we change our name. Like every update, all you will need to do is agree to the update. Once you do, our app will look different, but function the same.

 Will I need to change my direct deposit(s) or notify my company of the change?

No.  You will not need to change your direct deposits. Your account number will not change, so your direct deposits will post as usual.

 Will I need to notify payees of the change if I'm set up on bill pay or automatic payment?

No, your online bill payment transactions and any automatic payments you have set up will process as usual.

 Will I need to order new checks? What will happen to my current checks?

Please continue to use your current Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union checks until you reach the point when it's time to order new ones. When you reorder, your new checks will have All In Credit Union on them.  Your checks are processed electronically using the MICR number at the bottom of your checks.  Those numbers will remain constant even if the name and logo on your checks is different.

 Will I be issued new debit or MasterCard credit cards or can I keep using my current ones?

Please continue to use your current Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union card(s) until they expire. We will re-issue new cards to you at the point of expiration which will have All In Credit Union on them.

 With a new name, will this show up as a new listing or impact my credit report in any way?

All In Credit Union will be listed on the credit report, but this will not affect your credit score.

We will continue to report your lines of credit and payments to the credit reporting bureaus as we have always done.

Will there be other significant changes to the credit union as a result of the name change?

Although our name may be changing, becoming All In does not change who we are, it only makes it easier for individuals to recognize that they are eligible to experience the same level of benefits that Ft. Rucker personnel have enjoyed for more than 50 years.

What does the credit union expect to gain from the name change?

It is our goal to provide more people than ever with access to affordable financial services they can trust from an organization committed to excellence. Changing our name will help us expand, grow and achieve more than we could have without the change in large part because the words ‘All In’ communicate an inviting and inclusive message that everyone is welcome here. We look forward to the continued journey ahead and hope you’re “All In!”

 Who should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any questions, we encourage you to send your questions to or to call (334) 598-4411.