System Upgrade

At AACFCU, we are constantly moving forward with advances in technology to enhance our product offerings and ensure the highest levels of security. In order to be fully prepared for the technology of the future, AACFCU will begin a computer system upgrade May 25 at 6:00 p.m.

During the past 15 months, our team of dedicated professionals has completed rigorous planning and testing to make sure our computer system upgrade will be a seamless transition for you, our member.

As we prepare internally for this change, we want to be sure you know what to expect during the holiday weekend and going forward. To do this, we’ve created the below Q & A.  We hope this information answers any questions you have and demonstrates the level of commitment we have dedicated to every detail that is part of the process.

If you have any questions after reading the below information, we’re here to help.  You can contact us by email at or by phone at 334-598-4411 and any one of our friendly member service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checking Accounts

Q: What do I need to know about my account number?

A: If you have multiple accounts or member numbers at this time, once we upgrade our account information system, all of your accounts will be consolidated into a member number that is the same as your oldest account number. Under that number you will still be able to see the current account/member number of your other accounts.  Each primary member will have all their accounts grouped together by that primary member’s social security number.

Q: Will my checking account number change?

A: No. Your current MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) number is your account number and will remain the same. MICR is a character-recognition technology used to ease the processing and clearance of checks, deposits and withdrawals to the correct account. If you have checks, your MICR/account number will be at the bottom of your checks.

Q: Will I need to order new checks?

A: No, your current checks will work just fine.

Share or IRA Certificates

Q: Will my Share or IRA certificate(s) be affected?

A: If you have an existing IRA with us, you will be issued a new IRA Plan account number.  The IRA Plan account acts as an umbrella that controls the entire retirement relationship.  It keeps track of information such as, the retirement IRA Share Certificates or the IRA Accumulation Savings account that are linked to the IRA Plan.  Your actual Share or IRA certificate(s) will not be affected.

Q: How will interest be posted since there are two statements in May?

A:  It will be posted as interest earned during the time period of May 1-25 and it will be posted again for the time period of May 26-31.

Auto Loans or Other Consumer Loans

Q: If I have loan coupons that I use to pay my loan, can I still use those?

A: Yes, you can still use your current loan coupons. If you don’t have a loan coupon, our staff is trained to locate your new account number so your payment will be posted correctly.

Dixie Telephone Banking, Online Banking or Mobile Banking App

Q: Will any of these services work during upgrade weekend, Friday May 25 through Monday, May 28, 2018?

A: These services will not be available during the upgrade weekend. You will be able to access them again when normal business hours resume on Tuesday, May 29.

Q: Will I need to change my Dixie telephone banking pass code (password)?

A: You will continue to use your current member number to access the system. If you have one member number then that number will be the same number you have always used. If you have multiple accounts, you will use the member number of your oldest account. However, your personal identification number (PIN) will be changed to the last four digits of your social security number.  You will have to change this PIN once you log in but you can change it to the PIN you previously used. You will not be able to use the last four digits of your social security number as your PIN.  This change will happen the first time you call Dixie telephone banking on or after Tuesday, May 29.

Q:  Will our mobile app have to be downloaded again?

A:  No, our existing mobile app will continue to work the same as it does now. There will be no need to update or download the app again.

Q: Will anything change with online banking logins?

A: Your login will remain the same as long as you are using the login for your primary account or your oldest account. If you have multiple accounts you will use the login associated with the oldest account number.  However, if you and your joint accountholder currently use the same login, your joint accountholder will now need to register online for their own personal login.

Learn More about Online Banking Changes

Direct Deposit and ACH (Automated) Payments

Q: Will my direct deposits and automated payments change during the upgrade?

A: No, we have set up existing direct deposits and automated payments to route to your new account number. When setting up new direct deposits or automatic payments after May 29 you should use your new account number(s).

Safe Deposit Box

Q: Will my safe deposit boxes be affected?

A: No.

Funds Transfers/Automatic Payments

Q: Will my automatic funds transfers between accounts be affected?

A: Transfers scheduled in the Funds Transfer product within Online Banking will be affected. Any transfer scheduled beyond May 25 will need to be set up again on or after May 29 once the system upgrade takes place.

Q: Will my preauthorized payments be affected?

A: No.

Q: Will my automatic loan payments deducted from my account be affected?

A: No.

Statement Mailing to Different Addresses

 Q: If I have statements going to multiple addresses, will that continue after the system upgrade?

A: If the primary accountholder’s tax ID number (SSN) and address match, then statements will be combined and sent to the address associated with the primary accountholder. If you have a statement that is already being mailed to a separate address it will continue to be mailed to a separate address.

Bill Pay

Q: Will I continue to use my bill pay on my accounts as I do now?

A: If you use bill pay for only one account, there will be no change. All of your payees will be available after the account information system upgrade.

If you have more than one bill pay account because you have multiple accounts, that will change due to the computer system upgrade.  The system will automatically retain the bill pay profile on the oldest account (account with the smallest/shortest account number). However, if you use bill pay on another account and would like to continue using that account instead of the oldest account, please contact a member service representative at 334-598-4411 before Friday, May 25, 2018 and tell us which account you want to keep bill pay on. 

Account Statements

Q: Will my account statements still look the same?

A: Your statement will look similar to what you currently receive. The main change will be that all accounts that you are the primary member on and the SSN and address match, these will now be on one statement. If you have been getting multiple statements you will now get one statement.

Q: Will my account statements be ready on the same date as before?

A: Your statements may arrive a little later than normal. In the month of May you will also have 2 statements. The first statement will be your normal statement from May 1 through closing on Friday, May 25. Your second statement will be from Saturday, May 26 through Thursday, May 31.

Q: How will interest be posted since there are two statements in May?

A:  It will be posted as interest earned during the time period of May 1-25 and it will be posted again for the time period of May 26-31.