Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union (AACFCU) and Wiregrass Federal Credit Union employees were brought together on February 18 for a the second big announcement in less than a week. Following the vote for Wiregrass to merge with AACFCU on February 12, credit union employees learned that the two organizations will come together in May under a new name—All In Credit Union.

AACFCU President/CEO, Bobby Michael, declared, “We’re changing our name, but not our commitment to our mission and our continued service to the soldiers of Fort Rucker whom we have partnered with for more than 52 years. Our new name, All In, allows us to broaden our membership and to continue to grow and expand to create enhanced financial services for everyone.”

Michael continued, “We hear from people every day that our current name causes potential members to believe they cannot join. Because of this impediment to growth, we have been reviewing the possibility of a name change. The upcoming merger with Wiregrass FCU made this the right time to move forward.”

In his announcement to employees, the leader of the $1.2 billion credit union discussed the care that was taken in selecting a new name.  Michael shared details of the three-year process that included focus group testing and the approval of members of the military and the general public.  He also highlighted the growing number of branches outside the credit union’s original territory, including five branches in Mobile and a total of four branches in Florida following the merger with Wiregrass FCU.

“When selecting a new corporate name, All In was chosen as a name that accurately depicted who the credit union is today,” Michael stated. “The name ‘All In’ is a tangible reminder that everyone is welcome to be a part of the amazing financial experience we are providing.”  He went on to say, “In addition, this new name communicates our continued commitment to our members and our soldiers.  As an organization, we are All In to serving communities and helping citizens reach their financial dreams.  We are also All In to helping our soldiers make good financial decisions and protect their finances just as they protect our freedom.  Changing our name will help us expand, grow and achieve more simply because the words ‘All In’ communicate an inviting and inclusive message that everyone is welcome here.”

   In addition to a new look, the corporate logo will also feature a patriotic color scheme which is indicative of the credit union’s deep ties with the military for more than five decades.  The unique lettering and use of the lowercase ‘i’ in the new name symbolizes the credit union’s expanding use of financial service delivery through innovation and use of technology.

During his presentation, Michael shared plans with employees to create legacy walls at select branch locations to pay homage to the credit union’s military background and the half century it has operated as Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union.

“As I have stated clearly,” Michael concluded, “We will not forget our roots and all those who have contributed to our success.  They are a lasting part of the fabric of our organization.”

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