Debit Card Round Up

Debit Card Round Up is the easy way to add a few cents to your Savings with every Debit Card purchase. When you use your All In Debit Card, the amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be deposited into your Savings Account, Money Market or Christmas Club Account.

  • How does it work? Every Debit Card transaction that clears your account will be rounded up daily to produce a single deposit at the end of the day to the Savings Account selected for your Round Up.
  • How do I enroll? Visit any branch location or call 334.598.4411 to speak to a Member Service Representative. Once registered, your Savings transactions will be automated.
  • What if my Checking Account balance is getting low? Debit Card Round Up does not round to the next dollar amount if the account balance is zero, negative or will become zero after the round up transaction.
  • How do I track my savings? Once enrolled, check your designated Savings Account through Online Banking, Mobile Banking or by reviewing your monthly Statements. Deposits will be labeled as Debit Card Round Up Deposit.