Payday Assistance Loan

Now there's a better way to manage your short-term cash needs!

Millions of consumers use high-cost payday loans each year, but there is a better solution. CashPlease® provides you with access to small-dollar, short-term loans from All In Credit Union.

When using CashPlease®, you benefit from increased accessibility, simplicity and affordability.

  • Apply 24/7.
  • Borrow from $200 to $1,000.*
  • No credit report review.
  • Typically, have cash in your account within 15 minutes. The process may take longer if after hours, weekends or holidays.
  • Reasonable interest rates and fees. (This 28% rate and $20 fee are governed by NCUA.)
  • Peace of mind in obtaining short-term funds from your trusted financial institution.
  • The $20 application fee is charged regardless of approval or loan acceptance. There is no fee if the loan is for the Military Lending Act. MLA status is based on data from the DOD MLA website. 

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CashPlease loan and maximum amount is subject to approval. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 28%. Loan term is 6 months. The estimated monthly payment on a $500, 3-month loan at 28% APR is $175. To be eligible, you must be the primary owner on an eligible All In checking account in good standing. A $20 application fee is charged regardless of whether credit is extended, or loan accepted. Please note your overdraft limit will be impacted by any open CashPlease loan. Funds availability may take up to 24 hours and could be delayed on weekends and federal holidays. Generic payday advance provider credit terms are sourced from a Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSAA) report entitled Payday Advance: A Cost Comparison of the Alternatives. Stated APR is taken directly from the CFSAA report and contemplates a single 14-day payday advance loan, estimates APR to be 391%.*You Choose Checking accounts do not qualify.