All In 2 Finances Challenge

Congratulations All In 2 Finances Families!

All In Credit Union created a unique financial challenge for members to take control of their finances. Five lucky finalists participated in the online contest and learned how to improve their finances along the way.  While each journey was different, the end result was the same for all. Every family learned valuable tools for changing their future during this exciting challenge. 

All In is extraordinarily proud of the hard work and dedication displayed by all of our families during this competition. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with each one as they traveled on their journey to financial freedom!

🔴 Total Savings Increased by $38,046  🔴 Total Debt Reduced by $45,250 🔴 Total Credit Score Increased by 120 points

Our Five Families

All In 2 Finances Families

5th Place Winner- Reenita Brooks

While participating in the challenge from Los Angeles, Reenita experienced the severity of COVID lockdowns along with dramatic life changes. Participating in the All In 2 Finances Challenge, helped her to prioritize her financial needs and create a monthly financial plan that helped her stay on track to achieve her financial goals. Reenita learned the key factors to help her continue to improve her credit score along with how to shop around for financial services and how to recognize predatory pricing. In addition to improving her finances, this young professional also learned the importance of preparing for retirement now in order to ensure a secure future. 

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4th Place Winner- Jacob & Aubrey

This young family began the All In 2 Finances Challenge in Mobile, Alabama but found their world turned upside down by COVID with a job loss which meant the sale of their home, a move to Florida and a number of other difficult personal challenges in addition to facing COVID with an infant. Through the All In 2 Finances Challenge, the Bennett’s learned the importance of monitoring their credit score regularly through SavvyMoney, along with how much money they could save when reducing casual and frivolous spending on things such as coffee and fast food. The Bennett’s committed to paying off student loan debt, started a savings account for their son and focused on establishing a plan for retirement. 

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3rd Place Winner- Kelvin & Temeka

The Teague’s participated in the All In 2 Finances challenge with their two children, Kelsey and Kelvin Jr., with the goal of becoming more financially stable in hopes of eventually building or purchasing a home. Kelvin and Temeka expanded their understanding of smart budgeting tactics which helped them track where their money was going each month. Through the process, they also had the opportunity to share important lessons with their own children by opening Christmas Club accounts for them and teaching them not to rely on student loans in addition to other financial lessons that will give them a head start on their financial journey. 

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2nd Place Winner- Graham & Raven

This newly wedded couple began the All In 2 Finances challenge still adjusting to married life while navigating how to balance their combined finances. Graham and Raven learned multiple lessons from the challenge including the importance of planning for retirement and investing in their 401k’s. Their ultimate goal was to save money to purchase a home, and along the way, they saved enough to pay off their entire debt. The Pierce’s embodied what the competition was about as they shared their journey on social media demonstrating that, with hard work, it’s possible to increase savings, reduce debt and improve your credit score. Because of this competition, Graham and Raven have established a firm financial foundation to enable them to accomplish their dreams that include, one day, giving back through missions.

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1st Place Winner- Jasmine

Jasmine was able to use the All In 2 Finances competition as a springboard for her life! Her perseverance resulted in a marked improvement in the three primary categories of scoring for this challenge. The launch of a personal savings fund increased her deposits by more than 2,000% while the elimination of her high-interest debt by more than 1,000% caused her credit score to soar by 40 points! Because of the significant changes she made to her finances, Jasmine was able to go from three jobs to one and to upgrade her highly-used Durango with the purchase a newer vehicle. Jasmine, congratulations once again and thank you for inspiring us all!

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