All In 2 Finances Challenge • Season 2

A Unique and Exciting Opportunity.

All In Credit Union has created a financial challenge for members, like you, to take control of your finances and improve your life. With the All In 2 Finances Challenge, contestants and online participants who follow along will learn how you can improve your finances as you 

increase savings  🔴 reduce debt  🔴 improve your credit score

While only five lucky families will work with their All In Financial Coaches to compete to win $10,000, you have the chance to play along for cash and prizes through additional online challenges.

Now, more than ever, effectively managing your finances is not just desirable, it’s essential. Join us for the journey.

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Follow our Five Families on their Financial Journeys!

All In 2 Finances Season 2 Families

Joshua & Diana | DeFuniak Springs, FL

Whether they are enjoying time at the beach, fishing or hanging out at the house, you’ll find Joshua and Diana surrounded by the four people who mean the most to them in this world – their children. During the day they might work for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the Florida Panhandle, but if you ask Joshua and Diana, the most important work they do is within the walls of their home. Living just north of one of the most sought-after vacation destinations definitely has its perks, but it’s also accompanied by higher living costs and everyday expenses. To them, this challenge is more than financial coaching; it’s an opportunity to restart, restore and reset.

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Cassandra | Enterprise, AL

If you ask Cassandra what her biggest motivator in life is, she will tell you she has two, and they both call her mom. While her sons Brayden and Bryce are at school, Cassandra is serving on the front lines to provide care for our community as an RN. When the Enterprise resident is not cheering her sons on at baseball, basketball or football games after school, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree to ensure they have the means to do what they love.  As the granddaughter of a Veteran who instilled the value of hard work, perseverance and independence, Cassandra is excited to take on this challenge with her family. They have their sights on saving for their futures, building or buying a home and setting aside enough funds to take their first vacation together as a family of three.


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Paris | Graceville, FL

During the day, Paris serves her community playing a vital role in our judicial system as a Probation Officer in Graceville, Florida. At night she plays an even more important role as mom to her ten-year-old daughter, Nevaeh. While pursuing a degree to create a better life for her family, Paris learned just how expensive an education can be. While working as a probation officer, she has seen firsthand how important specific life skills are to stability and success. Paris is excited about the opportunity to create a better financial future for herself and her daughter, while also ensuring Nevaeh knows that while the journey to financial freedom isn’t always easy, it is always worth it.

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Kaitlyn | Eight Mile, AL

Kaitlyn’s life gained a whole new meaning in November of 2018 when she met Kameron. Kameron is her three-year-old son who inspires her every single day. Like most mothers, giving her child the best that life has to offer is the reason behind her “why”. Kaitlyn lives in Eight Mile, just outside of Mobile, Alabama, and her ultimate goal is to buy a home and save for Cam’s future. Through her own experiences, she knows the importance of leading by example and if you were to ask her, she would say the gift of family is one of life’s greatest blessings. Kaitlyn is eager to take control of her finances to create a better future and begin instilling important financial values into Cam that he will carry with him throughout his life.  

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Adam & Katy | Coffee Springs, AL

Adam and Katy’s story began at a friend’s house a little over five years ago when they met each other for the first time. Fast forward to now, and they’re happily married with a beautiful daughter, Oaklyn, who gives them a reason every single day to pursue a better life for their family. Adam and Katy will both tell you they did not grow up in households where they were taught the importance of building a strong financial foundation or basic financial principles. They now live in Coffee Springs, Alabama, and have their sights set on buying a home and new vehicles to support their growing family. They are ready to embrace financial coaching that will allow them to transform their future and create a path forward to sustain their family for years to come.

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Learn & Earn!

This unique opportunity will allow you to become more knowledgeable about finances as you follow the journeys of the five families on their way to becoming more financially secure. You’ll also have the ability to complete challenges every month for a chance to win cash and prizes through both Financial Challenges and Learning Challenges.

Month Two Focus: Saving for Children/College

During the All In 2 Finances Challenge, our five families will be working with their All In 2 Finances coaches as they learn how to make every dollar count. One of the tools they will be using is a Financial Tracking Sheet. This worksheet will be updated monthly to track how their savings are increasing and how their debt is decreasing. Be sure to complete your own Financial Tracking Sheet and follow along.

Download the Financial Tracking Sheet!

Once you’ve updated your Financial Tracking Sheet and have an outlook of your overall financial health, be sure to take our two challenges listed below for the chance to win cash and prizes!

1. Financial Challenge:

For this month’s challenge, anyone who opens a Youth Account will be entered to WIN All In premium swag.
Learn more about our Youth Accounts

2. Learning Challenge:

With the help of the All In Financial Education Center, powered by Everfi, you can make the best financial decisions possible. Best of all, everyone can take advantage of these great financial resources and complete FREE online modules any time from anywhere. 

Set up your Financial Education Center Account

Once you create your Financial Education Center Account or sign in to your existing account, complete the modules listed below. Those who complete the quiz at the end of each module will be entered to WIN one of four $25 Amazon Gift Cards!

Investing in Your Future:

*Bonus Youth Challenge*

All In Achieve for K-12

Youth up to age 18 can be entered to win All In Swag and gift cards when your child completes any of the four Smart Savings Modules listed below: 

Smart Savings:

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