All In 2 Finances Challenge • Season 3

A Unique and Exciting Opportunity.

All In Credit Union has created a financial challenge for members, like you, to take control of your finances and improve your life. With the All In 2 Finances Challenge, contestants and online participants who follow along will learn how you can improve your finances as you 

increase savings  🔴 reduce debt  🔴 improve your credit score.

While only five lucky families will work with their All In Financial Coaches to compete to win $10,000, you have the chance to play along for cash and prizes through additional online challenges.

Now, more than ever, effectively managing your finances is not just desirable, it’s essential. Join us for the journey.

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Follow our Five Families on their Financial Journeys!

All In 2 Finances Families.

Robert & Brittney | Enterprise, AL

If you ask Robert and Brittney what their biggest motivator is, they would tell you it is their three children, Kahlil, Brixton and Rielle. Like any parents, their world centers around supporting their kids' pursuit of their dreams and being at each of their sporting events cheering them on every step of the way. They are committed and eager to make better choices financially that will allow them to purchase a home and establish a solid financial foundation for their children so they can achieve a brighter future. Their excitement to begin this journey and learn vital financial skills and knowledge has them setting their sights on saving, clinging to faith and being financially prepared for whatever life throws their way.

Tiera | Mobile, AL

For Tiera Jenkins, being a contestant in All In 2 Finances isn’t about winning the grand prize money. Instead, it centers around her determination to provide a better life for her son, not just in the present but in the future, by gaining financial knowledge to teach them both how to live a more abundant life. As a single mother, she strives to show her son that present circumstances are not the determining factors of what can be achieved in that person’s life. Living by example, Tierra enrolled in nursing school where she intends to improve her family's life, but also to positively enhance the lives of others.

Jammie & Whitney | Enterprise, AL

Jammie and Whitney have a testimony that is inspiring to all who hear it. When their son, Dawson, was born at 27 weeks, they had to spend 270 days in the NICU at UAB and Children's of Alabama. He was diagnosed with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis, which has required travel to Boston and Pennsylvania over the past five years to tend to his medical needs. Years of medical expenses depleted their savings, but they are determined not to let an obstacle stand in the way of their destiny and are attempting to build their savings and emergency fund back up. They not only want to achieve financial security for themselves, but they are determined to ensure Dawson's medical needs are always met. 

Daniel & Joni | Dothan, AL

Like many families all across the country, Daniel and Joni were deeply affected by the Covid crisis in 2020, as they had to exhaust much of their savings. They are determined more than ever to get back on track to have more disposable income but also provide for their daughter, Aubrey, and show her the road map to financial success. Aubrey is the center of their world, which means they will stop at nothing to provide her with a better life than they had growing up. Daniel and Joni are excited to gain knowledge and skills from their financial coach and reclaim ownership over their finances.

Enoch & Jacinta | Dothan, AL

As recent newlyweds, Enoch and Jacinta experienced multiple hardships right off that has led to them falling behind on bills and accumulating more debt by taking out high-interest loans to make ends meet. Jacinta is a recent graduate of nursing school and while both are enthusiastic about her accomplishment, they are worried about the student loans that will follow. Through this program, they desire to pay off debt, purchase a home, build a strong savings account and create a strong financial future for their kids. Instead of leaving a burden of debt, Enoch and Jacinta want to leave a legacy of financial stability to their children. 

Learn & Earn!

This unique opportunity will allow you to become more knowledgeable about finances as you follow the journeys of the five families on their way to becoming more financially secure. You’ll also have the ability to complete challenges every month for a chance to win cash and prizes through both Financial Challenges and Learning Challenges.

Month Six Focus: Giving Back to the Community

During the All In 2 Finances Challenge, our five families will be working with their All In 2 Finances coaches as they learn how to make every dollar count. One of the tools they will be using is a Financial Tracking Sheet. This worksheet will be updated monthly to track how their savings is increasing and how their debt is decreasing. Be sure to complete your own Financial Tracking Sheet and follow along.

Download the Financial Tracking Sheet!

Once you’ve updated your Financial Tracking Sheet and have an outlook of your overall financial health, be sure to take advantage of our All In Financial Education Center with new modules each month!

Learning Challenge:

With the help of the All In Financial Education Center, powered by Everfi, our members can make the best financial decisions possible. Credit Union members can complete FREE online modules, anywhere and anytime. 

Set up your Financial Education Center Account

Once you create your Financial Education Center Account or sign in to your existing account, complete the modules listed below.

Financial Caregiving

Preventing and Reporting Elder Financial Abuse

•Planning for a Financial Caregiver

Expectations of a Financial Caregiver

Becoming a Financial Caregiver

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