Welcome to the All In 2 Finances Challenge

A Unique and Exciting Opportunity.

All In Credit Union has created a financial challenge for members, like you, to take control of your finances and improve your life. With the All In 2 Finances Challenge, contestants and online participants who follow along will learn how you can improve your finances as you 

increase savings  🔴 reduce debt  🔴 improve your credit score.

While only five lucky families will work with their All In Financial Coaches to compete to win $10,000, you have the chance to play along for cash and prizes through additional online challenges.

Now, more than ever, effectively managing your finances is not just desirable, it’s essential. Join us for the journey.

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Follow our Five Families on their Financial Journeys!

All In 2 Finances Families

Meet Jasmine

Starting over is never easy. But that’s exactly what Jasmine Allen and her sons had to do following the devastating loss of their home as a result of Hurricane Michael in 2018. 

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Meet Jacob & Aubrey

Packing up and moving was not anything Jacob and Aubrey Bennett could have imagined would be part of their life in 2020. Unfortunately,
like many other families, the Bennett’s have been deeply affected by COVID-19 after learning that Aubrey would be laid off from her job.

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Meet Reenita

Graduating from high school during a pandemic has created a challenge for many seniors in 2020. As a member of 
the Enterprise High School Class of 2007, Reenita Brooks knows what it's like to experience disruption, as well as tragedy. 

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Meet Graham & Raven

Adjusting to married life is part of every couples’ journey.  As newlyweds, Graham and Raven Pierce have been
working to increase their understanding of finances along with learning one another’s vastly different spending habits.

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Meet Kelvin & Temeka

Keeping trucks on the road to supply our nation with essential goods has been a key focus for Kelvin Teague during the pandemic. For Temeka Teague, juggling the tasks of teacher, mother and social worker, in addition to managing the families’ finances, has created long days and additional uncertainty.

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Learn & Earn!

This unique opportunity will allow you to become more knowledgeable about finances as you follow the journeys of the five families on their way to becoming more financially secure. You’ll also have the ability to complete challenges every month for a chance to win cash and prizes through both Financial Challenges and Learning Challenges.

Month 3 Focus: Retirement Planning & Insurance

During the All In 2 Finances Challenge, our five families will be working with their All In 2 Finances coaches as they learn how to make every dollar count. One of the tools they will be using is a Financial Tracking Sheet. This worksheet will be updated monthly to track how their savings is increasing and how their debt is decreasing. Be sure to complete your own Financial Tracking Sheet and follow along.

Download the Financial Tracking Sheet!

Once you’ve updated your Financial Tracking Sheet and have an outlook of your overall financial health, be sure to take our two challenges for the chance to win cash and prizes! (see below)

1. Financial Challenge:

For this month’s challenge, any member who calls 866.397.6609 for a FREE All In Services Insurance quote will be entered to win All In premium swag. To learn more about the types of insurance products we offer, visit All In Services.

2. Learning Challenge:

Create a BALANCE account or sign in to your existing BALANCE account to complete the BalanceTrack: Financial Planning & Quiz. Those who complete the quiz will be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon Gift Cards. For first-time users, select Register/Log In.

Once logged in to BALANCE, click on Programs and scroll to BalanceTrack then click on the Financial Planning Module and Quiz.

EXTRA CREDIT! Take advantage of additional resources recommended for Month 3 of the All In 2 Finances Challenge. (see below)

Official Contest Rules