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Jammie & Whitney's Journey

Follow along to see their progress.

Month 1 | April 2023 

Focus: Budgeting, Settings Goals & All In Financial Tools

Our coaches kicked off our first month in the program with immersing us in the budgeting process with the 50/30/20 method to assist in breaking down our needs, wants and savings. Having this understanding is paramount to building the foundation we are aiming to establish and is a benefit in our quest to manage debt and keep track of personal spending better. Learning these skills has led us to establish a budget and be more aware of where we are spending our money each month. We are also striving to create a savings lifestyle that places more of our funds in our savings account. All the knowledge we have gained and habits we have formed has led us to better understand our priorities as a couple. Forming a plan helps us stay motivated, and we are excited with the sense of achievement we are gaining by reaching our financial goals. Thanks to the work of our coaches and the modules we have completed in Everfi, we are excited about the growth, knowledge and progress that is on the horizon in Month 2.