Jasmine's Journey

Meet Jasmine

Dothan, AL

Starting over is never easy.  But that’s exactly what Jasmine Allen and her sons had to do following the devastating loss of their home as a result of Hurricane Michael in 2018.  With a few pillowcases containing their salvaged belongings, they began a new journey in Dothan. Following their move, Jasmine was able to find employment, but it required a substantial decrease in pay. To compensate for the lower salary, she signed on as an independent contractor and took on a second job making deliveries, which means working nearly 70 hours each week.

When not working, Jasmine and her 12-year-old son cultivate their small balcony garden and enjoy frequent video chats with her 24-year-old son. Her sons are her biggest “why” for participating in the challenge. They are also the reason she aspires to set an example of determination, discipline and hard work for them, so when they encounter setbacks, they know they can overcome them.

As part of this program, Jasmine would like to pay off debt, increase her credit score, prepare to purchase a home and encourage and inspire others through her story. Ideally, Jasmine would also like to get back on track with retirement goals that were significantly derailed by Hurricane Michael.