Jason and Rebekka Newell's Journey

Follow along to see their progress.

Month 1 | April 2024 

Focus: Budgeting, Settings Goals & All In Financial Tools

This month we have learned that All In Credit Union provides tools and resources to improve our financial situation and enhance our literacy. With SavvyMoney we can track and monitor our credit score on a monthly basis and increase our knowledge of finances through the online educational modules provided by Everfi. As a family, we have improved how closely we are monitoring our accounts which has helped to identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them. 

Monthly Improvements:

  • Increased savings
  • Paying down bills more rapidly
  • Spending less on frivolous purchases
  • Tracking accounts and money more wisely

Month 2 | May 2024 

Focus: Using Credit Wisely; Platinum Rewards Credit Cards

We have been excited to see the amazing changes just two months can make. This process has made us pay attention to financial details that are usually overlooked. The All In financial education courses have been a great tool to help us learn and teach our daughters more about financial literacy. In month two, we downloaded and explored the many perks of using BaZing which is a perk of having an All In Smart Rewards Checking account. BaZing offers a multitude of benefits including cell phone protection, identity theft aid, road side assistance and health savings. We also explored All In's low interest credit cards and the benefits they offer.

This month we monitored our purchases closely and made changes to add more money into our savings account. That also included eating out less because that eats away at your budget and savings. 

Monthly Improvements:

  • Transfer of high interest credit card debt to lower interest with All In to reduce debt more efficiently
  • Paid off student loans
  • Had more money in our savings account

Month 3 | June 2024 

Focus: Auto/Home Buying/Health Education

Over the last three months, we have learned so much from our coaches and our financial education courses online. In month two, we learned about credit and credit cards and how to utilize them in a positive way. There is a lot of negativity around credit cards but if you know how to use them and not abuse them, they can be very beneficial. We ended up transferring all of our debt to an All In Platinum Rewards Credit Card to pay off our debt faster which is our current focus. We have been comparing insurance rates for home and auto because we could save extra money by cutting costs in those areas. It's always good to shop around and compare rates because you could be overpaying and not even realizing it. With saving money and sticking to a budget, we have been learning where to place our extra money to continue to pay down our debt. 

We have really tried not to pull any money out of our savings account and strictly use the money allocated from our budget. We have been eating out much less to cut down on our extra spending. Another thing we are trying to do is focus on setting small goals and achieving them instead of getting overwhelmed looking at the big picture. If we can pay off one thing at a time it feels like small wins instead of focusing on everything at once and not feeling like much is being paid down.

Monthly Improvements:

  • We have lowered debt on our mortgage, credit card, student loans and personal loans
  • Planning for upcoming expenses and having the money saved up for them
  • Growth in our savings account 
  • Over $9,000 in debt reduction and counting