Kelvin & Temeka's Journey

Meet Kelvin & Temeka

Troy, AL

Keeping trucks on the road to supply our nation with essential goods has been a key focus for Kelvin Teague during the pandemic. While juggling the tasks of teacher, mother and social worker, in addition to managing the families’ finances, has created long days for his wife, Temeka Teague.

The couple, who live in Troy with their two children, hope that the All In 2 Finances challenge will help them find ways to lower their debt, particularly student loan debt. Reducing these costs will allow them to save for a house and property that they can pass down to future generations. They are also hoping to incorporate a designated savings plan into their budget.

Additionally, this family of frontline workers would like to ensure that they share the financial knowledge they learn with their children and others with whom they interact through work and church. By reaching their goal of becoming financially free, they hope to help other young adults get a healthy financial start as they enter adulthood.