Kenny and Haleigh Bartlett's Journey

Follow along to see their progress.

Month 1 | April 2024 

Focus: Budgeting, Settings Goals & All In Financial Tools

During our first month in the competition, we learned that you need to shop around every so often for your insurance! Our coaches talked to us about All In Services, so we reached out to them, and they were able to save us so much money on our ATV. Then, we reached out to other insurance companies about our vehicles, and again, we were able to save a significant amount of money. Just changing our insurance is now saving us around $200 on our monthly bills!

In April, we stopped taking money out of our "extras" budget to go on trips in our camper. We decided to work extra side jobs to cover the extra expenses, so we were still able to go on our trips; the money just never came out of our budget.

Monthly improvements:

  • Our debt is decreasing! We stayed determined since the start of April to reduce our debt significantly and it has been so encouraging to see the side by side difference on our financial tracking sheet.

Month 2 | May 2024 

Focus: Using Credit Wisely; Platinum Rewards Credit Cards

During our second month in the competition, we learned that every minor thing affects your credit! We used to keep an eye on it but not super closely until we would borrow money. Since we are seeing it more regularly and seeing the drop in our scores for various reasons, it has made us very aware.

We used to jump at the opportunity to borrow money whenever we wanted something. Since starting this challenge, we have really thought through our decisions before making large purchases and have realized that a lot of times we can either save for it over a couple of months instead of taking out a loan or it can just wait.

Monthly improvements:

  • We have seen a big improvement in our debt overall. It's nice to see the hard work paying off!

Month 3 | June 2024 

Focus: Auto/Home Buying/Health Education

Over the last three months in this competition we have learned that we can live and enjoy life while also working toward (and meeting) our financial goals! We have made a lot of changes to our financial habits and we have been reaping the benefits of things we have learned along the way.

Monthly improvements:

  • We hit our first major goal this month of paying off our credit card!!!!