Graham & Raven's Journey

Meet Graham & Raven 

Roswell, Georgia

From Dothan, AL 

Adjusting to married life is part of every couples’ journey.  As newlyweds, Graham and Raven Pierce have been working to increase their understanding of finances along with learning one another’s vastly different spending habits. One significant challenge for them is working together to pay off the considerable student loan debt that is now part of their combined debt.

Originally with roots in Dothan, Raven met Graham while attending Troy University. The couple just celebrated one year of marriage and are now living in Roswell, Georgia while still using All In Credit Union as their primary financial institution.

Through All In 2 Finances, this young couple hopes to gain a better understanding of budgeting. Graham and Raven would like to begin a savings plan and reduce their current student loan debt. They would also like to be able to make a down payment on a home and start a family. The Pierces have a heart for missions and dream of the opportunity to spend time overseas serving others with no debt.