Reenita's Journey

Meet Reenita

Los Angeles, CA

From Enterprise, AL 

Graduating from high school during a pandemic has created a challenge for many seniors in 2020. As a member of the Enterprise High School Class of 2007, Reenita Brooks knows what it’s like to experience disruption, as well as tragedy.  During her senior year, a devastating tornado ripped through her high school, resulting in the loss of life for eight of her classmates. Reenita was also injured during the natural disaster and was bound to a wheelchair for a short period of time.  Since then, the Enterprise native has earned her degree, completed a teaching stint in China and moved to Los Angeles, California where she teaches entrepreneurial skills to students. Like many graduates, the expenses Reenita incurred from her college education make it difficult for her to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Her goals as part of this program are to decrease her debt-to-income ratio and invest in a home. She is excited about the possibility of learning more about finances through this competition and beginning the process of building wealth.