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Tiera's Journey

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Month 1 | April 2023 

Focus: Budgeting, Settings Goals & All In Financial Tools

My first month in this program has been so enlightening, especially due to the fact I never received much financial guidance and teaching growing up. My coaches assisted me in learning about the types of accounts All In has to offer and how their Mobile App has beneficial information and tools I can utilize to track changes in my financial portfolio. They have also assisted me with cutting back on my fast-food expenditures and instilling the importance of budgeting. I also received valuable information from the Everfi courses from this past month, including an in-depth breakdown of credit and why it is important. Gaining this knowledge has shifted my perspective and reemphasized the importance of improving my credit score.

A major habit change I have experienced this past month is reducing how often I eat out and learning how to cook for myself. This is a way to reduce costs and also learn a new skill in the process. Another bad habit I am attempting to correct is to not spend as much money on toys for my son, so now, he still receives a toy when we go to the store but it costs no more than $5. These are just a few habits I am working on implementing into my everyday life, and I can already see how much of a difference these practices have made thus far.

An exciting development over the first month of the program has been an improvement in my credit score, which has really experienced a U-turn and is finally heading in the right direction. I have also put all my bills on auto pay to ensure my bills and credit card are paid on time. My coaches encouraged me to enroll in Debit Card Round Up, which has resulted in my savings account growing by the day. While my first month of All In 2 Finances has involved much learning and growing, I can already see the fruits of my labor paying off!